Pu-erh teas are fermented teas prized for their earthy flavor and curative properties. For Sheng Pu-erh, the leaves are picked and withered, then lightly heated before being left to ferment for 45-65 days in a room with high heat and humidity. The leaves are then pressed into cakes and left to age for at least three months before drinking to allow the fermentation process to stabilize. In an older processing technique, called Shou Pu-erh, the leaves are packed into cakes before fermentation and left to ferment for anywhere from 10 to 50 years! This yields a more complex flavor that only gets better with age. The speedier Sheng Pu-erh tea was created as an answer to the rising demand for Pu-erh tea; it is meant for immediate consumption, as it does not improve much with age.

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